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website is under construction

this is kinda broken until i work out what links up to where and why. HERE’S LIKE A THING OR […]

Life Drawing

Many apologies for the lapse in updates. Having taken on a new job over Christmas and then receiving a phone […]

Places of the world – Wedding

I received an email a while back, the day that my guinea pigs were featured on the blog (the […]

A guinea pig wedding.

Another web update! This time featuring something far fuzzier than the past couple of updates. Before the Prague paintings and […]

The biggest customer yet…

Ok. I’ve been sitting on a major project for a while. I finished it back in June but wanted to […]

Manchester Wedding Cards

Not long after I’d finished the Prague wedding cards, I received an email from someone who’d seen a photo of […]

Prague Wedding Cards

Back in December, I received a message through facebook asking if I could work on something really quite different from […]

Sugar Bunni

At the first Cleveleys craft fair I attended, I met Paula, who is lovely and a delight. She makes all […]

Fruit pattern

Back in February, at my first craft fair, I met the wonderful Shelley of Preesall Preserves. She bought a card […]